Hang out with Cantor Matt and Cantor Penny as they enjoy a couple of drinks and chat about current issues facing clergy and their roles as Jewish community leaders. They joke and banter in a spontaneous and unscripted discussion. Pull up a barstool and join the conversation.

Matt & Penny talk about all the interesting, cool, and exciting things they've gotten to do just because they're cantors.

Matt & Penny talk about the future of the cantorate and where they see the profession going.

Matt & Penny talk about what it's like to sometimes feel as if they're not able to fully fill their roles as clergy and community leaders.  

Matt & Penny have drinks with the inspirational Rabbi/Cantor Jeff Myers and discuss how he's dealing with the immense changes one year after the tragic events at Tree of Life Synagogue in Pittsburgh. 

Matt & Penny talk about their feelings towards interfaith marriage and how it affects their relationship with their congregants.

Matt & Penny talk about all the different and sometimes questionable ways that congregants refer to them.

Matt & Penny talk about the things that happen during services that make them nervous or freak them out.

Matt & Penny share some things that irk, irritate, and otherwise bug them in their professional lives. 

Matt & Penny talk about how to keep things fresh for themselves and their congregants while having to lead services and teach kids for so many years.

Matt & Penny share some of their most embarrassing cantorial bloopers from throughout their careers.